Arte Sella

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Arte Sella is an international showcase of contemporary art, launched in 1986 and immediately intended as an outdoor exhibition, among the meadows and the beautiful woods of Val di Sella. This peculiar artistic project is focused on high-quality works of art and, above, their very creative process: each artist’s work is thoroughly monitored and has to convey a perfect blend of craftsmanship, thorough respect for the environment and the very stimulus and inspiration drawn from it.

On display, there are mostly three-dimensional works of art: in fact, they are made using stones, leaves, branches or trunks, while artificial add-ons, materials or colours are hardly ever employed.
Visitors can thus admire every single creation and, at the same, enjoy the evocative surround environment.

At the end of the event, all the works of art are left in the open, so they soon become part of the life cycle of nature over time. The path around all those wonderful creations is just as mesmerizing…

Among the most important works of art, there is the first “Vegetal Cathedral”, built in 2001 by the Giuliano Mauri (1938-2009) from Lodi. Located in a clearing at “Malga Costa”, it is made of over 3.000 intertwined branches, rendering a true cathedral with three naves and eighty 40-ft tall columns on a 1.460-square yard plan.

Inside each column, there is a hornbeam plant, which should eventually take the place of the current structure, inevitably bound to rot and disappear.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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