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Bosco Rocconi Nature Reserve is located in the southern part of Tuscany, between the municipalities of Roccalbegna and Semproniano, along the Albegna River. Part of the reserve is owned by the WWF which has established one of its oasis. The landscape is the harsh one of limestone cliffs, deep gorges and caves that open between the rocky walls from 885 to 1.640 ft above sea level.


On the stony soils, there are holm oaks, centuries-old trees and woods dominated by ash (Fraxinus ornus), maple (Acer monspessulanum), dogwood (Cornus mas), and mountain ash (Sorbus aria). The calcareous soil, both in the clearings and in the woods, allows the development of about 30 species of orchids, including Orchis laxiflora, Hymantoglossum adriaticum, Ophrys bertolonii, Anacamptis laxiflora, and Limodorum abortivum.
In the wetter areas close to rivers, hornbeams and black hornbeams (Carpinus betulus and Ostrya carpinifolia), elms (Ulmus minor), and hazels (Corylus avellana) grow abundant.


The fauna is particularly rich, including several birds of prey (8 nesting species) like the rare lanner falcon, a true symbol of the oasis, the short-toed snake eagle, and the snake eagle. Of particular ornithological interest are also the white-throated dipper, the blue rock thrush and the wallcreeper, the latter thriving on vertical walls.
Among the mammals, there are martens, skunks, and wild cats. In the clean and cold waters of the Albegna River live barbels, vairones (ray-finned fish), South European nases, common chubs, and a lot of river crabs.

The whole area is a rugged and wild – but at the same time cosy and hospitable – an oasis where visitors can discover spectacular canyons and explore a Mediterranean forest with some centuries-old trees of impressive sizes. It is the kingdom of the rare lanner falcon.

Bosco Rocconi is an example of the WWF commitment to nature conservation and a true homage to its members, partners and supporters.
The first 32 acres were purchased in April 1995, with funds coming from the “Beniamino Operation”: a rally for the protection of natural forests; later on, a subscription by historical members of the WWF made it possible to expand the area by another 9 acres of woods in “Le Querciolaie”. Finally, at the beginning of 2009, thanks to a generous donation, it was possible to acquire an additional portion of land (12 acres) in one of the wildest areas overlooking “Strette dell’Albegna”. This WWF oasis now covers some 343 acres.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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