Cooperativa sociale Cascina Bollate

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This nursery was established inside Bollate detention facility. It was created by Susanna Magistretti as a bright example of social commitment offering new life and work possibilities. Professionals work together with the convicts who can learn a new job as real gardeners.
Perennial herbaceous plants are cultivated, including ornamental grasses, a small collection of annual and ancient roses, as well as a wide choice of unusual, but easy to grow plants.
Among the latter, there are several creepers such as different honeysuckles (also shrub species such as Lonicera maackii and Lonicera tatarica), but also Clematis mandshurica, Campsis grandiflora, Bignonia capreolata, and many others.

In the nursery, there are several daisies and other asteraceae such as Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium, C. maximum “Silver Princess”, Echinacea pallida, E. paradoxa, etc.

The nursery includes two large greenhouses and about 2.5 acres of land technically located right inside the prison walls. For this reason, access to Cascina Bollate is authorized only during organized visits, on public opening days (Wednesday and Friday), or when gardening courses are held.

There is also a shop reserved for the public and an instructional garden. Cascina Bollate also features an online catalogue, offering all its product for sale.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


C/o Casa di reclusione di Bollate - Via Cristina Belgioioso, 120 - Milano(MI)

331 2906448

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