Donna di Piante Nursery

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Donna di Piante is an all-female company, established by Francesca Moscatelli, a graduate in Forestry Sciences quite active in the Italian and foreign nursery sector since 2002, and Nadia Zenere, the owner of Pistoia Flor Srl, an international business that has been producing ornamental plants for over 40 years.

The plants of this new nursery are grown around Pistoia; Donna di Piante is the first Italian production facility and one of the largest in Europe aiming at excellent quality directly offered to the final consumers, without any middleman.

Francesca and Nadia have always painstakingly researched and studied numberless plant species from all over the world, trying to come up with new offers and new products on a regular basis.

Among their production, there are trees, fruit trees, shrubs, roses, creepers, perennials, cacti, tropical species, as well as interesting collections of summer lilac, hibiscus, crepe myrtle, hydrangea, Indian mallow, and novelties from all over the world.

Donna di Piante also provides information, advice, technical support and counselling, always eager to establish a profitable and relationship based on trust and collaboration with their customers.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via S. Sebastiano 2 - 51100 Pistoia (PT)

339 784 4796

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