Dune di Tirrenia WWF Oasis

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This Oasis is in Pisa, within a Site of Community Importance (SIC IT5170002) and a Special Protection Area (SPA IT5170002).

Its establishment dates back to 1997 and this facility is aimed at safeguarding this part of the coast and its luxuriant Mediterranean and psammophilous vegetation.

Some 60 acres include dunes as high as 33 ft, as well as several paths leading to the beach.

Right before the shore there is the typical psammophilous vegetation, including Pancratium maritimum (sea daffodil), Helichrysum italicum (curry plant), Chamaesyce peplis (purple spurge), Eryngium maritimum (sea holly), Echinophora spinosa (prickly parsnip), Medicago marina (coastal medick), Ammophila arenaria (European Marram Grass) and Solidago Costialis (goldenrod), as well as endemic species of the northern Tuscan coasts. Near the waterfront, there are fragments of wood, in which the few original Quercus ilex (holm oaks) grow, while many other were replaced by the pine forest.

There are also Mediterranean species including Juniperus oxycedrus (cade juniper), Rhamnus alaternus (Italian buckthorn), Spartium junceum (Spanish broom), Phillyrea spp. , Arbutus unedo (strawberry tree), Daphne spp. , Smilax aspera (common smilax), the rare Periploca graeca (silkvine), Juncus effusus (soft rush), Phragmites australis (common reed), and other hygrophilic species often located in small depressions between the dunes.

Some visitor paths are fitted with by signs and information boards about the local flora.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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