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Fa.st.Flora is a young company that deals with the production and marketing of ornamental plants, but in particular with different varieties of Japanese maples and Cornus florida.

Benefiting from the huge knowledge of his father Giancarlo, Fabio Stucchi has always run this company successfully combining true respect for nature, the natural growth pace of the plants, and the most advanced cultivation techniques, as well as the latest products and tools available for the professionals.

Each maple is born from a seed exclusively taken from local mother plants: it becomes ready within two to three years, then each individual plant is grafted. After about a month, grafting is thoroughly checked and the upper part – the crown – of the mother plant is eliminated to allow the growth of the newly implanted specimen.

Cultivated varieties include Acer dissectum “Inaba Shidare”, Acer dissectum “Garnet”, Acer dissectum “Green lace”, Acer dissectum “Viridis”, Acer palmatum “Fire Glow”, Acer palmatum “Bloodgood”, Acer palmatum “Sango Kaku” , Acer palmatum “Shishigashira”.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Don Carlo Marnoni, 12 - 20864 Agrate Brianza(MB)

039 6056146


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