Faro Punta Imperatore

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Lighthouse Punta Imperatore is the biggest lighthouse of Ischia and it is located among an extraordinary vegetation facing the sea, between Panza and Citara Bay. It towers and protects the beach of Citara with its lantern, which can cast a ray of light at more than 160 meters of height. The lantern rests on an uninhabited two-storey house, which has remained in this state since the day of the lighthouse’s activation in 1884, till the death by lightening of the last guardian at the end of the thirties. His wife became a widow with seven sons and asked to the authorities for the possibility of taking the position of her late husband becoming the first female guardian. This story became a drama by the title “Lucì, voci e volti dal faro” and it was first played by Luciana De Falco, Lucia’s niece. In order to reach the lighthouse of Punta Imperatore, it is necessary to start by following a narrow road from the residential area of Panza and pass through vine yards, vegetable gardens, parracine and villas facing the sea. The visitors will travel through an ancient mountain path difficult both by automobiles and wanderers. The sight is breath taking; it is possible to observe the exterior, inhabited residential area of Forio till the church of Soccorso, as well as the valley and the hills, which cover the area from the seat to the peak of Epomeo Mountain; hawks nests, bushes, wild orchids, strawberry trees (Arbutus unedo), the entire gulf of Gaeta and the Pontine islands.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Costa - Forio(NA)

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