Fessia Nursery

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Floricoltura Fessia is a nursery established in 1930; since then, it has transformed itself into a great facility dedicated to collecting different genres, mainly thanks to the great passion of Fabrizio and Cinzia Fessia – the current owners.

The nursery produces flowering and acidophilic shrubs, collections of maples (including many Japanese crops), rhododendrons, oaks (some of them very rare), dwarf conifers, magnolias, birches, strawberry trees, enkianthus, hydrangeas, flowering Prunus, clethras and many other plants – also available in pots, as well spectacular large specimens.

PLEASE NOTE: this business and its collections are currently on sale: Fabrizio and Cinzia would gladly support the new owners for two years.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Regione Rotonda, 34 - Dorzano (Biella)(BI)

+39 338 372 1114 e 333 4939019,


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