Gardens of the Castle of San Pelagio in Due Carrare (Padua)

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ENGLISH VERSION, from “Gardens of Vento Villas”, by Camilla Zanarott, Silvana Editoriale, by courtesy of the author.

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the Zaborra counts, to whom the complex belonged until the late seventeenth century, transformed the fourteenth-century Carrarese turreted fortification into an aristocratic residence through significant expansion. Traces of the complex’s former defensive vocation are still visible from the road thanks to the tower with Guelf crenellations that stands in the centre of the eighteenth-century façade. The subdivision of the surrounding area, created by the layout of the buildings, has been expertly exploited to form the gardens, admired for their collection of roses and ancient tree species.

A double row of ancient Carpinus betulus has been pruned to create a green tunnel. These hornbeams, a typical element of antique gardens, served as a link between the residence and the fields and still lead to the mound that conceals the icehouse. It was from here that D’Annunzio took off for his flight over Vienna on 9 August 1918. Inspired by this undertaking, the complex is now home to the Museum of Flight, which covers the entire history of human flight. The gardens are also home to two mazes, reminiscent of the labyrinth in Knossos and the myth of Icarus, therefore of the history of human flight.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via San Pelagio, 34 - Due Carrare(PD)

049 9125008

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Ingresso al Museo e al Parco: intero euro 7.50; ridotto (bambini 5-12) euro 6.00; gruppi (minimo 25 persone) euro 6.00; scuole euro 3.50/4.50

Tutto l'anno; chiuso lunedì e martedì

Da marzo a novembre: mercoledì-giovedì 9.00-13.00; venerdì-sabato anche ore 14.00-18.00; domenica e festivi orario continuato. Da dicembre a febbraio aperto solo la domenica con orario 10.00-17.00

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