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G&G Buffa nursery, owned by Giusy and Giovanni Buffa, was opened in 2004 thanks to more than For some years now, its owners have been collecting and cultivating herbaceous peonies, shrubs and intersectional hybrids, which exceeds one hundred and fifty varieties (from China, Japan and France), as well as American herbaceous and shrub hybrids.

Not all varieties in the catalogue are actually on sale as some of them are still being studied and monitored – they will be eventually launched on the market, only if their quality is up to expectations.

The never-ending cultivation and selection are carried out purchasing and observing the new varieties created all over the world, thus allowing the nursery to offer the most fascinating and adaptable peonies for gardens with temperate and continental climates.

The production of herbaceous peonies is based exclusively on the division of plants grown in the field for 3-4 years, which allows flowering from the very first year of their life; as far as shrub peonies are concerned, this nursery offers 2-3-year-old specimens, grafted on Peonia lactiflora .

For some years, peonies have been joined by a small collection of autumn-flowering Japanese anemones (Anemone hupehensis) and their hybrids, which give abundant blooms from mid-August to late October.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Cascina Madonera, 32 - Poirino (TO)(TO)

011 9430623


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