L’Oasi del Geranio Nursery

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L’Oasi del Geranio (Geranium Oasis) was born in 1948, initially growing asparagus and strawberries.
Since 1984 it has switched its activity from horticulture to floriculture, driven by the passion of Silvana Giorgi, who has cultivated geraniums, impatiens, begonias, hydrangeas and many more ever since. One day, Silvana and her husband Carlo discovered lemon-scented geraniums (Pelargonium) at an exhibition, and literally fell in love with the species. They soon began thoroughly researching it, visiting different flower nurseries also abroad, to find new species and rarities.

By 1988, Silvana and Carlo Giorgi had already managed to collect 300 species and varieties of pelargoniums. Following the birth of the Italian Pelargonium Society, the couple successfully classified all the cultivated species.

In 1994, there were 700 varieties and more than 200 botanical species in their impressive collection – one of the biggest and most important in Europe.

Today, as in the past, Pelargonium species (fragrant, ivy, botanical, Local, Imperial, Stellar and P. grandiflorum) are cultivated in this famous nursery.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Aurelia, 312 - Ceriale (SV)(SV)

0182 99280


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