Lorenzo Rota Botanical Garden of Bergamo

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This Garden, founded in 1972, is in the upper part of Bergamo and can only be reached via a
141- step staircase. The beautiful sight offered at the top it’s definitely worth it, as it sweeps over the roofs and monuments of the city, and on the first offshoots of the Prealps.

The garden carries out conservation activities for endangered plant species and projects for the reintroduction of many others in a natural environment, such as the Osmunda regalis. This is a type of fern that the doctor and botanist Lorenzo Rota – the first to document and write about the local flora – reported seeing in 1853 in Val Calepio, and along the river Adda.

There are over 900 plant species in the micro-habitats that reproduce several natural environments within the garden.

This facility also offers a General Herbarium, with more than 4000 samples of the autochthonous flora, available for consultation by appointment only.

There are many exotic species such as lotus, papyrus, sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum), saguaros cacti (Carnegiea gigantea), Madagascar palms (Pachypodium lamerei), and indigenous varieties, such as Sanguisorba orobica and Sundews.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Passaggio Torre di Adalberto 2 - Bergamo(BG)

03 5286060


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Gratuito. Visite guidate, conferenze, mostre e laboratori per bambini

Da aprile a settembre dalle 9.00 alle 12.00 e dalle 14.00 alle 18.00, sabato e festivi dalle 9.00 alle 19.00. A marzo e ad ottobre dalle 9.00 alle 12.00 e dalle 14.00 alle 17.00

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