“Luigi Paolucci” Museum of Natural Sciences

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The Paolucci Museum in Offagna, near Ancona, was established in the second half of the XIX century by Luigi Paolucci, one of the most illustrious Italian scientists of the time (1849-1935), who devoted himself to studying and cataloguing the fauna and flora species of this territory. A graduated veterinarian, a botanist and a naturalist, as well as a teacher of natural sciences and then Dean of the Royal Technical Institute of Ancona, Paolucci left us several important paleontological, mineralogical, zoological and botanical collections – the result of a whole life of research and study. Some of those collections are exhibited inside this very museum.

Some others like the “Herbarium” of le Marche Region (still the most important in this area and among the main ones in Italy) are kept at the Faculty of Agriculture of the Marche Polytechnic University of Ancona.
In 1890, Paolucci published the important book “Flora Marche”, recently re-published by the museum (anastatic edition).

The museum remained open until the beginning of the Second World War, then it was almost abandoned, only to be renovated in 1997.

The Collections

Paolucci Museum houses personal objects, books and prints, as well as the personal collection of exotic animals of the famous naturalist from Ancona. Then, there are the results of exchanges with other colleagues, vintage instruments, and specimens of the fauna of the different local environments (fluvial, coastal, hilly, rocky gorges and mountain).
Equipped with a multimedia and educational classroom, with a large screen, this facility also offers lessons and lectures for the schools.

Over 600 ancient specimens of flora and fauna typical of the Marche Region are exhibited, some of which belong to extinct species, and belonging to Paolucci himself.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via del Monastero, 8 - Offagna(AN)

071 7107611


Altre info

Intero 3,00 euro; ridotto 2,00 euro; ridotto famiglia (due adulti accompagnati da bambini 6-14) 5,00 euro; scuole 1,50 euro; gratuito per bambini 0-6

Il sabato e la domenica da marzo a dicembre. Aperto tutto l'anno su prenotazione per scuole con visita guidata.

15.30-18.30; luglio e agosto da venerdì a domenica 16.00-19.00, sabato anche 21.00-23.00

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