Malò Dal Verme Basket Weaving

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Malò Dal Verme creates baskets of different shapes and sizes, weaving branches of many trees and shrubs, such as willows, olive trees, chestnuts, elms, and dogwood, thus creating exquisite and evocative colour combinations.

In addition, there are several vases and other coloured glass containers, made in Burano with a particular process: the white-hot glass is poured into large woven baskets, specifically made for this purpose, which then ignite, giving the glass unique shapes and patterned decorations.
No vase looks like the other.

The headquarters of Malò Dal Verme is a farm-stay facility called Poggio Pratelli: it’s actually a charming farmhouse surrounded by nature, but at the same time quite close to the main cities of art.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Poggio Pratelli - Loc. Borri, 8 - Incisa Valdarno - Firenze(FI)

+39 055 8337866, Cell. +39 338 1958397

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