Manta Castle

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Castello della Manta was built in the surroundings of Saluzzo, on the hills of Varaita Valley (province of Cuneo), and overlooked by the Monviso Massif.
Born as a medieval fortress in the XIII century, it was later transformed into a noble residence by the Marquises of Saluzzo della Manta, and, in particular, by Count Valerano, who around 1420 had several frescoes painted in the baronial hall; his family kept the property for over 400 years.
The current appearance is, therefore, the result of several extensions and changes made by the various descendants of that very dynasty.

The rooms of the castle still retain the splendid late-Gothic frescoes, considered among the most important in Europe and attributed to the Master of Manta: they portray male and female heroes, as well as the “Fountain of Youth”. “Salone delle Grottesche” is another extremely nice hall, with a splendid ceiling decorated with paintings and stuccoes of mannerist style. There is also a wondrously frescoed gallery, with allegorical figures and mythological scenes, created in the 1500s.

The small church of Santa Maria al Castello contains a precious series of XV century frescoes as well, and a XVI century funerary chapel decorated with stucco and some other frescoes.

The castle is surrounded by a park, not very large, but embellished with arches, vines and large centuries-old trees like some cedars (Cedrus spp.), magnolias (Magnolia grandiflora) and many more. Squirrels, woodpeckers, finches and many other birds live happily in the forest.

In 1984, the complex was acquired by the National Trust of Italy (FAI), which took care of its restoration, opened it to the public and currently organizes cultural events.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via al Castello, 14 - Manta(CN)

0175 87822

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