Millefoglie Nursery

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Opened in 1998 by Filippo Alossa, is specialized in perennial herbaceous plants, grass, trees, shrubs and creepers, offering, in particular, several collections of berries and hedge plants. There is also a wide choice of plants for attracting butterflies and other beneficial insects, as well as species for the natural improvement of the soil (nitrogen-fixing species, ground covering ones, etc.).
Filippo and Rossana also experiment with techniques for eco-sustainable gardens and terraces with low environmental impact.

This is not only a nursery but also a garden and a place for research, reproduction and cultivation of plants.

Recently, Filippo and Rosanna have started a beautiful cut flower cultivation (Millefoglie Flowers Lab), following the “Slow Flowers” Movement – an initiative aimed at supporting a short supply chain, in a profitable network of farmers, florists, shops and customers

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Aosta 83/a - Ivrea (TO)(TO)

Filippo 333-7276955 Rossana 347-6902167

Altre info

chiuso dicembre e agosto, febbraio solo su appuntamento

È aperto venerdi e sabato, dalle 8.20 alle 12,30 e poi dalle 16 al tramonto. È chiuso in dicembre e agosto. Nel mese di febbraio riceve solo su appuntamento.

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