Museo dell’Olio e Parco del Carnè

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Thanks to its Southern exposure respect to the hills’ decline arranged in the form of an amphitheater, the area around Brisighella is extremely favourable to the cultivation of olive trees. Here are cultivated about 90,000 olive trees,  the 80% of them belongs to the variety  ‘Nostrana di Brisighella’, from which the prestigious extra virgin oil is produced, the first in Italy to obtain in 1996 the Dop mark.

Some years ago, Museo dell’Olio has been realised and it is formed by an outdoor route developing along the road around the so called “Frantoio sociale della Cooperativa agricola brisighellese” (Cab), in order to show the entire production cycle, from the cultivation of the olive trees till the selling of the final product. During the itinerary, tourists find the so called lcasotti”, small buildings used by cultivators and in the olive tree groves; the olives’ collection season is in November and it is to see the cropping, the traditional handmade collection.
There are three types of cultivations in the area:
– vase (with the trunk and some limbs departing from the same point toward the upper part),
–monocone(with a unique trunk till the top)
–bush (the plant developing spontaneously).
Among the cultivated varieties, it is worth mentioning the ‘Ghiacciola’, used as pollinating, which produces huge fruits with a lemon-like shape produce, ’’Orfana’ and ‘Colombina’ ,from which it is obtained a fruity, delicate, optimum oil for children feeding.

During the walk to discover the oil, it is possible to admire Vena del Gesso romagnola with its highest top, mountain Mauro, Parco del Carnè, an oasis of  44 hectares, formed by wide areas of downy oaks (Quercus pubescens), horn beams (Ostrya carpinifolia), manna ashes (Fraxinus ornus), maple trees (Acer spp.) and rowans (Sorbus domestica).
The park is rich in underground-cave-abyss-sinkhole environments, which are reserved to speleologists.

In Brisighella culinary events are organised during November’s Sundays, such as  “Le delizie del Porcello”, “Sagra della pera Volpina e del formaggio stagionato”, “Sua maestà il tartufo” and also “Sagra dell’ulivo”.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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