Oasi WWF Dune fossili di Massenzatica

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Oasi Dune fossili di Massenzatica is a Riserva NaturaleOrientata, whose extension is of about 53 hectares between the municipalities of Mesola and Codigoro.
It includes also coastal dunes dating back to  about 3 millenniums ago. The ripples of the soil, covered by low prairies,  are alternated with depressions occupied by bushes and strips of woods, contrasting with the surrounding cultivated flatlands, the landscape which was deeply modified by human activities needed for the recovery of the swampy areas.

The presence of sandy soil determines conditions of extreme aridity, because of this the area presents a prevalence of xerophilous vegetation. The principal species is a small gramineous plant, Phleum arenarium, but there are also Silene conica and Cerastium semidecandrum.

In the depressions between the dunes, there is a bushy, dense vegetation with brambles (Rubus spp.) and, in wetter depressions, there are dense populations of Pteridium aquilinum. Along the interior naturalistic path, it is possible to see a monumental Quercus robur. In certain sections, there are non-indigenous species, such as Ailanthus altissima, locusts (Robinia pseudoacacia) and Gleditsia triacanthos.
The fauna is characterised by pheasants, hares, badgers and foxes.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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