Pozzo Nursery

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Vivai Pozzo was established more than thirty years ago, in 1977; it can be found near Biella, in the village of Cavaglià (Montemaggiore district), on the hills around Lake Viverone.
The company initially produced vine cuttings and fruit plants thanks to the huge expansion of orchards and vineyards in that period.

With the construction of the greenhouses, many plant species began to be grown for indoor and outdoor purposes. The true passion of the nursery owners eventually led to the creation of several gardens, mostly still used to experiment with new varieties and combinations of plants and shrubs. The Pozzo family has also specialized in the creation of mountain and rock gardens.

Rare and highly sought essences discovered during visits to the beautiful English and French gardens were then introduced in 1995 when some young professionals joined the nursery. Remarkable rose species and eventually some hydrangeas (which have now found their perfect habitat around Biella – on acid soil with abundant rainfall), are now the true flagship production of Pozzo Nursery.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Fraz. Montemaggiore, 278 - 13881 Cavaglià(BI)

0161 96409


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