Rutor Waterfalls

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These waterfalls are among the most spectacular in Valle d’Aosta and are fed by the Rutor stream, which originates from several lakes connected to the Rutor glacier (the sixth glacier in Italy).

A path leads to the third waterfall (6.548 ft), from La Joux (5.259 ft), about 2 miles from La Thuile. It actually starts near the farmhouses of La Joux and runs along a mule track, which crosses some coniferous woods, all the way up to the spectacular observation point on the first waterfall, at 5.577 ft. – a short detour on the overlooking bridge offers some spectacular sights from above.

After crossing the woods, visitors can reach Baita Parcet (5.813 ft), then the second waterfall (6.069 ft) past the plateau near the abovementioned stream.
Soon, the third waterfall will appear, together with the fork to the Deffeyes Refuge (8.182 ft) or Bellacomba Lakes; expert mountaineers may even climb the Rutor from there.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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