San Felice WWF Oasis

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This Oasis, affiliated with the WWF, covers a coastal area of about 123 acres in Marina di Grosseto, a strip of coast between the sea and Diaccia Botrona Regional Reserve. Within this area, there is an ancient pine forest planted to stem the spread of malaria, as well as territories covered by the Mediterranean scrub and the very dune eco-system.


The Oasis is largely occupied by the forest of maritime pines and stone pines planted in the second half of the XIX century; the undergrowth is made of a luxuriant scrub with myrtle, mastic, phillyrea, Mediterranean buckthorn, cistus, cytinus hypocistis, and juniper. The humid environment comes from the stream of San Leopoldo which looks like a small coastal lake on the southern side of the Oasis. The dune area is constantly evolving and it features the typical common smilax (Smilax aspera), European Marram Grass (Ammophila arenaria), and sea daffodils (Pancratium maritimum).


The woodland is inhabited by wild boars, porcupines, badgers, and foxes, while the Oasis is also a very popular place for migrating birds. In October, flocks of wood pigeons and passerines pass by, followed by large birds of prey such as goshawks, peregrine falcons and booted eagles. There are also egrets, coots, moorhens, water rails, jays, jackdaws, kestrels, sparrow hawks, little owls, and the common chaffinch (all sedentary species); in the summer, it is possible to spot migratory species such as the European jays, bee-eaters and Eurasian scops owls.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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