Sea caves

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The marine caves of Vieste extend along the entire Gargano coast, among Peschici, Vieste, and Mattinata.

Boat excursions depart from Vieste to several caves built by nature and overlooking the crystal-clear sea. The fishermen of the area have named these caves with most peculiar terms, like “Sfondata cave”, “Piccola Grotta Campana”, “The Cave of the Smugglers”, “the cave of the Two Eyes”, “the Cave of the Pigeons”, “the Cave of the Bats”, “the Warm cave” or “the Cave of the Violets”, “the Palette”, “the Cave of the Sirens”, “the Cave of Dreams”, “the Cave of the Pharaoh”, “the Emerald Grotto”, “the Cave of the Marbles”, and “the Cave of the Snake”.

All those names come from local legends or the very features of every single cave. For example, “the Cave of the Smugglers” (“Grotta dei Contrabbandieri”) is about some traffickers who, in the past, managed to escape the police by a second, unknown and hidden entrance to the cave.

Another enchanting cave is the “Piccola Grotta Campana”, so-called because its inside bears the look of the majestic bells of a church.

“Grotta Sfondata” lacks a top cover, therefore it really looks “worn out” or “roofless”.

“Grotta Due Occhi” (“the cave of the Two Eyes”) features two large holes in the rock, hence its intriguing name.

“Grotta Due Stanze”, on the other hand, has in two communicating caves thanks to some openings in the rock wall. The “Palette Cave” features chromatic harmonies in a beautiful and natural work of art.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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