State Forest of Montimannu

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The state-owned forest of Montimannu is one of the largest ones in Sardinia and stretches among the municipalities of Villacidro, Iglesias, and Domusnovas. It includes the most spectacular waterfalls in Sardinia: Muru Mannu, Piscin’Irgas, and Linas.

The area is dominated by holm and cork oak woods and is home to several animal species, including mouflons and deers.

The whole area is characterized by valleys interspersed with impressive granite walls.
The view from Monte Acqua Zinnigas is absolutely stunning and, on a clear day, even the Gulf of Cagliari and the Island of San Pietro can be seen.

Originally, the forest covered some 3.796 acres, but it now stretches along 7.741 acres entirely managed by the State forestry administration (the Sardinia Forestry Service, with the operation branch in Montimannu and its headquarters in Cagliari) among the municipalities of Villacidro, Domusnovas, and Iglesias.

The forest nursery is Campu de Isca (Montimannu), and can produce up to 60.000 plants for the reforestation projects, such as holm oaks, cork oaks, pines, olive trees, carob trees, cedars, downy oaks, and other Mediterranean species.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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