Terra di Bari Oil – Bitonto PDO

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Produced in the province of Bari, namely around Castel del Monte, Bitonto, Murgia dei Trulli, and Grotte, “Terra di Bari” olive oil il is D.O.P. (protected denomination of origin) product typical of the Apulian territory.

It has a maximum acidity of 0.60%, appears green or yellow, and features a slightly fruity flavour and fragrance, with a bitter and spicy aftertaste. It’s recommended for grilled fish, salads, boiled vegetables, legumes and main courses.
This original product has many labels, according to the variety of olives used. The main ones are:

Cima di Bitonto: golden yellow, fruity-almond aroma with a light spicy aftertaste;

Coratina: greenish or yellow, intense fruity olive flavour, spicy and with a slightly bitter taste;

Coma di Mola: intense yellow colour, fresh aroma, and very sweet taste;

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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