Tiziana Facchini Farm

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This farm is owned by Giuliano Foligna and Tiziana Facchini; located in in Fano, it is specialized in the cultivation of several varieties of olive trees. One of the most important is “Piantone di Falerone”, which has been cultivated in this region since ancient Roman times. Its oil has always been acknowledged as a very precious commodity, as also evidenced by some documents of the time and by the very Republic of Venice.

The discovery of such an important variety of olive trees is credited to the very Facchini farm, which researched the centuries-old species typical of those very geographical area mentioned in the ancient records (the Romans called it “Falero Picenus”, now is the Municipality of Falerone).
According to thorough molecular examinations, this variety grows only in this small area.
This farm is, therefore, committed to multiply and expand this variety of olive tree which has been appreciated and cultivated for more than two thousand years in the Marche Region.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Località Ferriano Sant Angelo, 31 - 61032 Fano(PU)

340 8497389

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