Val Vertova Waterfalls

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Val Vertova is a small, enchanted valley in the middle of Val Seriana, located in the municipality of Vertova, in the province of Bergamo. Several waterfalls, gentle streams, thick woods and gentle meadows make it a true piece of paradise on Earth.

It can be reached by car from Piazza Vittorio Veneto, in the centre of Vertova, to Cà Rosèt (less than 3 km away). Visitors can now travel on a dirt road, go past a refreshment kiosk (managed by the GAV – Gruppo Alpino Vertovese), park their cars and proceed on foot on a mule track – also suitable for children – which follows the canyon carved by the Vertova Stream.
In the summer there is also a shuttle service to Cà Rosèt, which can accommodate muzzled small-medium dogs as well. This shuttle service can be booked at the Info Point in Vertova.

The landscape is absolutely wondrous, featuring a rich woodland and lush undergrowth vegetation, several waterfalls, streams, pools of crystal-clear water, and the “giants’ potholes” – natural basins made by erosion. There are also some breath-taking steep rock walls and gentle green slopes. Not to mention several trails leading to other nearby valleys.
The most beautiful waterfall is probably the one in Val de Gru. Hardcore trekkers may want to reach Merèl meadows, then challenge a trail winding up the slopes.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Valle Vertova - 24025 24025 Gazzaniga (BG) (BG)

Info Point Vertova Media Valle Seriana 393 8685354

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