Villa De Capoa

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Villa De Capoa is in the Municipality of Campobasso. The origins of this place date back to the XVIII century. The urban culture of the time gave great importance to the role of gardens, avenues and belvederes which were considered places of recreation and public gatherings.
People used to enjoy those spaces after work and Villa De Capoa (/also known as the “Municipal Villa”) was then a source of pride for the locals, as well as a popular attraction for visitors, botanists and nurserymen.

Since then, this place has been subject to vandalism as well as terrible neglect and abandonment. In the second half of the XIX century, the villa and its 40-acre park were donated to the city of Campobasso by the Countess Marianna de Capoa.

At the entrance of the surrounding park, there is a wrought iron gate leading to several paths decorated with marble seats and elegant balustrades.
The vegetation includes Sequoia sempervirens, Cedrus libani, Cupressus spp., Picea abies, and Tilia cordata.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Piazza Savoia - Campobasso(CB)

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