Villa Fogazzaro Roi Colbachini

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Excerpt from: “Gardens of Veneto Villas”, by Camilla Zanarotti, Silvana Editoriale, by courtesy of the author.

The origins of the complex date back to the XV century. In 1846, the new owner, Giovanni Antonio Fogazzaro, grandfather of the famous writer Antonio Fogazzaro, commissioned the architect Antonio Caregaro Negrin to redesign and extend the existing seventeenth- century summer house. He was responsible for the current late neo-classical appearance of the buildings as well as the design of the gardens.

These are crisscrossed by an elaborate network of watercourses, crossed by small bridges, which lead to a picturesque lake. The gardens are home to a number of ornamental species, including some significantly large examples, which combine to create an extremely attractive space. A formal garden, linked to the villa by a broad staircase, extends to the left of the building, beyond the aristocratic chapel and opposite the impressive orangery.

The property is enclosed to the east by a long wall, with an unusual garlanded design decorated by stone pinecones. On the nearby hill, part of the vast landscaped grounds, stands the observatory, a tower-shaped building with merlons and a terrace; it was once used as a hunting lodge.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via A. Fogazzaro, 3 - Montegalda(VI)

0444 737526

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