Zanelli Nursery

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Located in Montichiari, in the area of the morainic hills next to Lake Garda, this nursery was opened more twenty years ago by Mauro Zanelli and his wife Adele.

It is specialized in collections of Helleborus orientalis, rustic garden orchid – including Cypripedium and Bletille – protected by the Washington Convention; then again, it features some beautiful coneflowers (echinacee), anemones, columbines (Aquilegia L.), mini hostas, rare Japanese herbaceous plants and unusual small shrubs, as well as species and varieties still almost unknown over the Italian territory, rather difficult to propagate, or requiring years from seed to flowering.

For example, garden orchids are sold when they’re at least 5 years old, according to their variety; all hellebores are at least 3 years old, while some mini hostas are 4 years-old.

A small branch of this nursery, Pistoia, Tuscany, is currently used as a production facility.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via F. Cavallotti 296 - 25018 Montichiari(BS)

030 996 0211

Altre info

08–12, 14:30–18:30

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