Angelo Paolo Ratto Nursery

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The nursery offers collections of lavenders, sages, and other aromatic plants.

Studying and adapting to a peculiar climate with longer and longer dry summer spells, Angelo and his assistants have chosen to focus on plant species that don’t require a lot of water, namely those with gray leaves like lavender.
Today, their collection is one of the most exhaustive in Italy, including many different species and varieties.

There are also other kinds of aromatic plants (sage and rosemary for instance), small shrubs, perennial herbs, and also the newly-planted Cistus.
This nursery plants, cultivates, cuts, and sells all its own plants.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Regione Paragi, 7 - 17031 Albenga(SV)

0182 21240

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