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Bosco in Città is the first example of urban forestation in Italy. A public park of the Municipality of Milan was built in 1974 by Italia Nostra, in a neglected agricultural area which still features the ruins of Cascina San Romano.

This park is in the western part of Milan, and it stretches over 272 acres of woods, clearings, paths, waterways, and urban gardens. The abovementioned ancient rural building, San Romano farmhouse, has been recently restored and it’s now the Park management office.

The park design was created by architects Ratti, Bacigalupo, and Crespi, with a flexible layout that can be modified a twill over time – something now identified as an “urban forestry” style.

Originally measuring just 87 acres, the park has constantly expanded mainly thanks to 30,000 plants donated by the State Forestry Service. Today, Boscoincittà hosts numberless trees, shrubs, flowers, and spontaneous vegetation species. Most of the park is covered by woods.

The park is also decorated with several fountains that intertwine to form a small lake. A “wet” area has been recently built with a sequence of water basins a water garden. The lake was designed by a group of professional gardeners in order to improve the microclimate, promoting the development of aquatic and terrestrial flora and fauna. A jetty, suspended over the water, was also built and fitted with landscape observation benches.

The main tree species include sycamore maples (Acer pseudoplatanus), field maples (Acer campestre), alders, hornbeams, ash trees, Northern red oaks (Quercus rubra), willows, elms, botanical roses, and many other flowering shrubs.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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