Giardino dei Fontanili

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Giardino dei Fontanili in Telti, nestled among granite rocks and cork trees, was built between autumn 2011 and spring 2012 by Maurizio Usai, a renowned gardener and landscape architect.
Painstakingly preserving the original landscape, Usai carried out specific cleaning and selection interventions. He mostly focused on rerouting the water of a small mountain river across the garden and creating several pools decorated with granite fountains. The water now flows throughout the garden and is collected in a downstream basin; the latter is lined with yellow San Giacomo granite, which gives the water a particular colour and iridescence.

The garden features several borders created with extreme care and the wise combination of different species of sage, white gaura, rockrose and grass. Among the most relevant species, there are Salvia chaemdryoides, Aster x frikartii, and several varieties of Lily of the Nile (Agapanthus).

There are also some varieties of roses (Rosa candida “Sally Holmes”, “Clair Matin”, and “M.lle Marie van Houtte”). Visitors can also admire Erigeron karviskianus and Cerastium tomentosum arranged in decorative cushion-patterns around the house.
Not to mention several specimens of Camelia sasangua, hydrangeas, Viola hederacea, and Cyclamen neapolitaneum.

The typical dry stone walls were placed along the entire perimeter of the estate, according to the ancient tradition of the Sardinian landscape.
The actual floor of the garden appears quite intriguing, being made of recycled materials such as basalt and grey granite, as well as small pieces of common granite; loose gravel and granite blocks were used as well, mimicking the traditional Sardinian carpet patterns, another testament to centuries-old local traditions and customs.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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