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Giardino del Gigante

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Giardino del Gigante was opened in the month of May 2006 and it is an environmental work of art, which is surrounded by a green area destined to public use. It represents a tale born thanks to a child’s phantasy, which was then depicted  by the artist Marco Pellizzola with the collaboration of the students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Milan and Turin, thanks to the contributions of many private businesses and sponsors.
Giardino del Gigante, which won  in 2005 the 1° prize of Grand Prix MAPEI (pottery products and stony materials) for its originality and aesthetic value, is formed by a landscape park which develops itself following a unitary project, with huge sculptures in pottery mosaics such as lizards, an octagonal cage and a vertical leave, which blend with nature and at the same time can be lived as games and aggregation points. On the structures have been installed more than 100 accurate reproductions of birds typical of plain lands, which are part of an ornithological path. More than a hundred plants, bushes, hedges with seasonal flowerings, tall or middle trees have been bedded out in this area and have been chosen among the essences of the territory, in order to characterise the aspect of the park following the cycle of the seasons. It is crossed by a bike path of  1 km and the garden is lighted by tens of  light sources specifically designed, which create a nocturnal visual effect.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Ottorino Respighi - Cento(FE)

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