Paola Coppe Nursery

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Not far from the lagoon and the sea, the owner of this interesting nursery has rebuilt the “closed field” with hundreds of trees and shrubs, green meadows, orchards with ancient plant varieties, and a large vegetable garden managed by her whole family.

In the nursery, there are roses chosen for their special scents, fruits, beautiful flowers, peculiar shapes or colours of the leaves, twisted trunks, as well as spotted or striped bark.
There are plants of all times, forgotten or little known, and species that have come from afar, as well as new varieties sought by anybody who’d fancy to seriously decorate their gardens.

They all are wondrous living organisms that can convey true emotions with their unique fragrance their tasty fruits or their peculiar colours. They can offer shelter and shade on hot summer days, as well as protection from the wind, a refuge for the animals and eye-catching decorations to our gardens.

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This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via San Filippo 34/a - 30020 Meolo(VE)

335.1208290 - 0421.345667

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