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This historic nursery has been extremely active in the production and hybridization of roses for four generations; Rose Barni is, therefore, a well-known establishment in Italy and abroad. In particular, it deals with the multiplication and market distribution of ancient and modern roses, the creation of its own novelties and the selection of other unknown species from hybridizers from all over the world. Few people know that the garden around the company was designed by the great landscape architect Pietro Porcinai, in the 1960s. Today, the business is led by Piero Barni, his son Vittorio and his niece Beatrice.
Rose Barni was actually founded in 1882 and has devoted itself exclusively to the cultivation of roses for almost a century.


The search for new roses is based on the hybridization of precursor varieties, aimed at transmitting the best genetic features to the offspring, from both the aesthetic and physiological point of view (resistance and strength of the plant).
Young plants are evaluated on a daily basis daily by true professionals: those deemed uninteresting are immediately destroyed, while the remaining ones undergo further tests. The final selection is eventually checked and thoroughly tested for a long spell of time, usually between 7 and 10 years.

Before releasing them on the market, the new hybrids are showcased at the most prestigious National and International Competitions for New Roses: over the last 30 years, Rose Barni has won the most important medals and the most coveted prizes with its unique creations.


Rose Barni is also specialized in the production of plants to be sold to several nurseries. State-of-the-art modern techniques are used for soil preparation, transplants, fertilization, parasite control, etc. This highly efficient set of solutions is also applied to human operations such as grafting. The two production facilities in Pistoia and Grosseto allow the cultivation of roses on soils that are always rich in nourishment and all minerals required for successful cultivation and growth.

The catalogue of Rose Barni, which is available free of charge, illustrates and describes the entire production, including bush roses with large flowers and bunches, English Roses, Lilliputian roses, shrubs, as well as drooping and creeping, sapling and climbing species.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via del Casello, 5 - 51100 Pistoia(PT)

0573 380464

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