Villa Visconti Venosta

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This used to be the residence of the famous Visconti Venosta family, featuring with a 5-acre garden accessed through an XVIII century wrought iron gate.

The building has a central body with a portico surmounted by a loggia and two wings. The left wing is the oldest part of the building (XVII century); inside it, there are several rooms with painted decorations inspired by oriental masterpieces (XVIII century).

Both in the central body and in the area on the right, built in the XIX century, there are also some interesting areas and, in particular, a Renaissance-inspired hall with precious furniture, paintings, and two wooden panels of an altarpiece featuring tempera renderings of some holy characters (S. Paul, S. Peter, S. Abbondio, S. Joseph Baptist, Jesus Christ carrying the cross, S. Gerolamo, and S. Antonio di Cipriano Valorsa). In the same hall, there’s also a carved wooden nativity scene by Giovanni Angelo Del Maino.

The building was donated to the municipality of Grosio in 1982 by the Marquise Margherita Pallavicino Mossi; it thus became a museum, home to the municipal library and the Pro Loco (the association promoting local culture and tourism).

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Visconti Venosta, 2 - Grosio(SO)

0342 841228

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Dalle 10.00 alla 12.00 dalle 14.00 alle 17.00. Luglio – Settembre: da martedì a domenica. Ottobre – Giugno: da martedì a sabato

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